Guide to Space Cleansing with a Singing Bowl

A room may accumulate stagnant energy or make your mood feel heavy when you enter the space. Singing bowls can be utilized for the purpose of cleansing a space or clearing negative energy. When these situations occur, you may consider to bring out your singing bowl and let its vibration reset the energy.
  • After you clean a room thoroughly
  • After you rearrange or replace new furniture
  • After you recover from an illness
  • When you need to manifest good fortune or positive new beginnings
  • When a room or corner is left unused for a long period of time
  • When you are easily triggered over small issues
  • When you have difficulty falling into restful sleep
  • When you experience too many disagreements with others in a particular space
  • Before beginning your meditation or yoga practice

The following is a general outline of how singing bowls can be employed for this intention:

  1. Establish your intention: Prior to employing a singing bowl for space cleansing, it is crucial to clarify your intention. Clearly state your objective of eliminating negative energy, purifying the space, or establishing a harmonious environment.

  2. Choose an appropriate bowl: Select a singing bowl that resonates with you and produces a sound that feels fitting for the cleansing process. Different bowls possess distinct qualities, so opt for one that aligns with your intention and personal preferences.

  3. Prepare the space: Clean and organize the area you wish to cleanse. Remove any clutter and create a serene atmosphere to support the cleansing process.

  4. Play the bowl: Securely hold the singing bowl in one hand, ensuring stability. With the other hand, gently strike the rim of the bowl or rub the rim in a circular motion using a mallet or striker. This will set the bowl in motion, producing sound and vibrations.

  5. Traverse the space: While the bowl continues to emit sound, move around the room or space you intend to cleanse. Allow the sound vibrations to permeate the area, filling it with positive energy and dispelling negativity.

  6. Focus on specific areas: If there are particular areas in the space that feel energetically heavy or stagnant, dedicate additional time to those spots. Direct the sound vibrations towards those areas, enabling the sound to resonate and purify the energy.

  7. Visualize purification: As you engage with the singing bowl, visualize the negative energy being cleared away and replaced with positive, pure energy. Envision the space being cleansed, revitalized, and filled with light and harmony.

  8. Trust your intuition: While employing a singing bowl for space cleansing, rely on your intuition and adapt your approach as needed. You may sense the need to spend more time in certain areas or modify the rhythm and intensity of the sound produced by the bowl.

Remember that space cleansing with singing bowls is a holistic practice, and the effects can vary subjectively. It is important to approach it with an open mind and utilize it in conjunction with other cleansing and energy-clearing practices that resonate with you.

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