Lighting of Butter Lamps & the 6 essential step for the ritual

In this week's journey of discovery, we learn a little about the Butter Candles that we use in our rituals.
In Buddhism, butter lamp offering plays an important part of a practitioner's daily ritual. It symbolizes the light of wisdom and knowledge, and when lighted, it helps to dispel the darkness of ignorance. (Ignorance, according to a Buddhist's belief, is considered to be one of the main sources of suffering.) With each lamp offering, one celebrates the enlightenment of the Buddha.

In the past, the world didnt have electic-powered lights. That is why, gifting someone light is one of the best act that one can offer.
Butter Candles produces minimal smoke and contamination while traditional light sources, such as firewood or coal, emit pollutants, which in turn create and bring darkness into the world. The offering of Butter Candle is therefore considered a precious and pure gift to the Buddha and other enlightened beings.

As the flame from the butter lamp flickers, one would be reminded of the impermanence of life and the interconnectedness of all things. To create the light, the holder must contain the butter, which must be at the proper temperature, and the wick must be made of the correct material and texture. The butter must then flow up through the wick, and a source of fire must ignite it to create the flame. This entire process of interdependent factors coming together to produce light exemplifies the Buddhist theory of dependence.

The 6 Steps to Butter Lamp Offering 
  1. Ensure that the surrounding is clean.
  2. Wash your hands.
  3. Make sure that the butter lamp is placed on a flat surface.
  4. Light the wick with a designated lighter or match stick.
  5. Chant the Mantra "Om Ah Hung".
  6. Dedicate the merit that you have accumulated during the practice to free all sentient beings from darkness.
Similar to the topics discussed when lighting incense,  one's intent is far more important then the actual act of lighting a butter lamp. Without sincerity and spiritual intent, it is no difference from just lighting a bulb.

Offer a butter lamp today and may this practice dispel the darkness of ignorance and help you pass through the changes and difficulties in life with the light of wisdom and compassion.

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