Why do Buddhists burn Incense?

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Incense is mentioned frequently in the some of the oldest scriptures that date to the life of the Buddha. The act of burning incense in Buddhism practices has since become an old tradition.

The gentle scent of Incense is used to sanctify the space, be it a temple, meditation hall or your own space. The scent will help you to focus and cleanse the energy around you, before starting your prayers or meditation.

Incense is offered to the Buddha to accumulate positivity, similar to flower or food offerings,  as well as to evoke mindfulness and awareness. These offerings serve as a reminder to the virtues of Buddhism; to be generous and virtuous and one's commitment to Buddhism and its teachings. There are beliefs that the rising smoke from incense helps you to connect to the Buddha. 

Ever wondered why do you see incense burned in a temple with three sticks at once? The three sticks signify the Three Treasures; the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha. For some Buddhists, incense is also used as a time keeper for their meditation practices.

Remember, burning incense isn't the only way to achieve enlightenment, but it's a peaceful and calming addition to any meditation and prayer practice. 

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